about me


Do you seriously care to know more about me? OK, you asked for it…

My research interests include: the Internet of Things (IoT), smart grid architectures, network protocols, information security (I hate the term “cybersecurity”), Internet measurements, and large-scale simulation. My less serious interests (or, rather, the ones I don’t get paid for) include: digitizing oneself (ala Singularity), the Space Elevator, and pretty much all things a nerd might enjoy.

I am currently working for GE Digital Energy, where I focus on technical strategy and standards for the smart grid / grid modernization. I’ve been doing this smart grid thing since around 2007, when I started off focusing on mesh-networked smart meters. Next I began focusing on smart meter to home communication for features like demand response, price signals, energy usage information, electric vehicles, distributed energy resources, etc. This led to my chairing the Smart Energy Profile (1.0 and 2.0) efforts in the ZigBee Alliance, which eventually become IEEE 2030.5.

Speaking of standards, you can find me at many fine meetings such as IEEE (I’m currently serving on the IEEE-SA CAG), IEC, IETF (my true people), SGIP (where I’m currently on the board of directors), and the ZigBee Alliance (I’m a past board of directors member). I was also on the HomePlug Alliance board of directors for a time.

In terms of education, I received my Ph.D. in Electrical and Computer Engineering from the Georgia Institute of Technology, in December 2006. My dissertation research led to the creation of NETI@home. I spent my undergraduate years in Computer Engineering at Clemson University.

Oh, and I also worked for a bit at MIT’s Lincoln Labs — now that’s a cool place!

And if you made it this far, yea, you should vote for / hire me. Or… “Hi Mom!”